Outdoor Adventure Learning

Ladakh Safari offers corporate programs, such as special adventure training, team building and a host of such programmes that helps unwind, de stress and rejuvenate the minds of people who matter. Our outdoor courses mainly deal with team building exercises which involve activities like river rafting, nature walks, mountain biking, and camping in the wilderness.

We employ our own specialized corporate trainer and adventure sports instructors for all the outdoor activities.

Outdoor Adventure Learning achieves the following goals:

  • A real experience of teamwork
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Development of skills in target setting, time management and decision making under pressure
  • An experience in dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Attitudinal change in the assessment of self and others
  • Corporate environments with improved, open communications
  • Self-development through improved self-esteem, trust and confidence

LadakhSafari Corporate Highs uses the outdoors as an environment for training and learning. Outdoor activities are used to achieve specific objectives that relate to the work place or to an individual’s personal development. The outdoor training programs address the dynamics of a strong and effective team through Team Building and Leadership Programmes.


Action is where the Learning is

We at LadakhSafari offer an all-inclusive multi-activity corporate outdoor adventure programme:

  • River Rafting
  • Camping in the wilderness
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Walks / hikes

and a host of other activities that involve the great outdoors…