If you want to travel, then dreaming about your holiday won’t get you there. You need to put your ideas into actions and form a plan. You have to create an opportunity for travel and not wait for the opportunity. The first step is to list your interests or decide what kind of journey you want to go on for. If you are an architect, then probably you would be interested in visiting and studying monuments and traditional houses. Or if you are a photographer, then you would like to travel to areas where normal tourists do not go. For corporate, we can organise Outdoor adventure learning programmes or conferences and meetings in the outdoors. Student or educational groups can go on experiental learning tours in Ladakh.


Ladakh Safari offers corporate programs, such as special adventure training, team building and a host of such programmes that helps unwind, de stress and rejuvenate the minds of people who matter. Our outdoor courses mainly deal with team building exercises which involve activities like river rafting, nature walks, mountain biking, and camping in the wilderness. Read more


Open up the world of learning for youth which is much more than just books and blackboards. Let them see, experience and think, and to think is the beginning of real education. Our Outdoor Learning Centres provide a dramatic contrast to the regular indoor classroom, where one can learn through fun and adventure. Utilize the opportunities our base provides and give your students a chance to learn through what they do, what they encounter and what they discover. Read more


Ladakh, which literally means land of many passes, is a haven for photographers both amateurs and professionals because of its unique combination of dramatic landscape (which is very similar to Tibet), cultural and ethnic elusiveness and excellent light, both during the daytime and night. Read more


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Monastery festivals

Buddhist Festivals are always joyful occasions. Perhaps there is no better time to tour Ladakh then during the festive season. Ladakh comes alive during festivals, when people from different corners of Ladakh converge at one place to celebrate and enjoy the festive spirit. Festivals in Ladakh are in fact the best way to get a feel of the Ladakhi culture. There are a number of festivals that take place in Ladakh.Read more 

Rural routes

Ladakh village experiences offer an authentic rural experience and provides a snapshot of the village life in the himalayan region of Ladakh. It is the one of the largest district in India and the largest district of Jammu and Kashmir State with 113 villages (112 inhabited and one un inhabited village. Live and interact with the local inhabitants, experience traditional activities you might not get to see otherwise on a typical vacation as a tourist. Staying with a family in their home will allow you a unique insight into the lifestyles and culture of Ladakhi people. Journeys here will be on foot, by river raft and by vehicles with stops at un-spoilt Buddhist monasteries en route. Feel at home with LadakhSafari’s homestays. Read more 

Social services

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Check here for the latest on Events happening in Ladakh. Read more