Responsible travel

This section of our website is dedicated to giving you more information about putting Responsible Travel into practice. By following these small, simple measures you can contribute a lot in conserving the environment, ecology and culture of Ladakh.

  • Think small when booking a holiday for example bed and breakfasts, village houses and locally owned accommodation benefit local families. Help the local economy of developing countries by buying local produce in preference to imported goods.
  • If bargaining to buy an item, bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.
  • Realize that often the people in the country you are visiting have different time concepts and thought patterns from your own, this does not make them inferior, only different.
  • Use water sparingly it is precious in many countries and the local people may not have sufficient clean water. Take water purification piles with you. And you can use boiled fresh water during the trek. Dzomsa Laundry sells high pressure boiled water. ¬†Bring you own water container.
  • Do not use plastic bag since plastic is officially banned in Ladakh. Always separate and properly dispose off litter burns burnable, bury biodegradable materials while trekking.
  • Don’t disturb wild life during the trek; be aware of the highly sensitive ecology and the economy of the geographical and cultural landscape.
  • Respect for local cultures, traditions and holy places earns you respect. For example, ask permission before you photograph local people.

We welcome your feedback and experiences regarding Responsible Travel, so use your Feedback and e-mail us to know what you think